With a spec home, though, builders don’t have clients; they’re building a home with the intention of selling it either before or after it is completed. They need financing from mortgage lenders, then, to purchase their materials and pay their construction crews until the house is built and sold.

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It is a single-wire solution that conducts a standard definition or high definition 2-D or 3-D video image and accompanying audio tracks from a source device to an HDTV. Only two types of HDMI cables.

Specced definition, specification(def 2). See more. on spec, made, built, or done with hopes of but no assurance of payment or a sale; without commitment by a client or buyer: ad illustrations done on spec; luxury homes built on spec and sold before completion.

Mortgage Loan Processing For Dummies Home Construction Cost New home construction bid Sheet – Cost Estimating – The New Home Construction Bid sheet provides users an estimated home building costs and time intervals for each phase of the home building project, along with a spreadsheet form for entering their own home construction costs.

specifications; used to describe the details of a particular kind of machinary, building, or other item with precise information that differs from others in its area, often the hardware and software of a pc, like the processor, RAM, and os operating system.

Google says the definition of implement is “put into effect. lack of user input incomplete requirements and specifications changing requirements and specifications Surprise! There Are Critical.

1.1 definitions. 1.13 general specifications. minimum slope of 1/8″ per foot away from the house and at a depth to provide 4″ of concrete. Install either.

Integra just debuted a pair of new home theater receivers, which will include both the hdmi 2.0 spec and support for HDCP 2.2. The DTR. making it a good choice for multi-room audio and/or a.

Widely recognized as industry standard legal forms and agreements that define the relationships and terms involved in design and construction projects.

A spec home is a brand new property that is completed, or nearly completed, before it is sold. The home’s layout and flooring and its appliances and features are chosen by the home builder, not the buyer.

Believe it or not, with some help from Slingbox techs, I was able to make things work. I won’t comment on the rat’s nest of cables that this left me with other to say that it gives new definition..

Define spec. spec synonyms, spec pronunciation, spec translation, English dictionary definition of spec. Informal n. 1. specs The specifications, as for a building to be constructed. 2. Speculation. tr.v. spec’d , spec’ing , specs or specced or speccing To.

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